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Naperville Taxi: Local Rates

Any Taxi ride that does not end at O'Hare or Midway airport or Downtown Chicago is usually priced by the mile. Listed below is our per mile Rate Structure:

Per Mile Rates.

Currently All Rides ( Airports and Local trips) have a $5 gasoline surcharge.

  1. $3.00 per mile after the 1st mile.
  2. All rides have at least a  $15.00 minimum charge, regardless of distance.
  3. $5.00 First Mile 
  4. $1.00 extra per trip for each additional passenger.
  5. $0.60/min waiting time.

Here's a list of recently quoted fares to & from popular destinations in Naperville:

15  Taxi Fare from the Route 59 Train Station to 75th St & Route 59.

15  Taxi Fare from the 5th Ave Train Station to Downtown Naperville.

23  Taxi Fare from Downtown Naperville to 95th St & Route 59.

16  Taxi Fare from Washington St & Bailey Rd to the 5th Ave Train Station.

16  Taxi Fare from Washington & Warrenville Rd to Downtown Naperville.

15  Taxi Fare from Nichols Library to Ogden Ave & Rickert Rd.

16  Taxi Fare from Ogden Ave & Naper Blvd to Naperville PD.

20  Taxi Fare from 95th St & Book Rd to Downtown Naperville.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Local Meter Rates.

1. Do you charge to come to our pickup location?

NO. We do not charge you to come to your pickup location. The meter starts once you are in the vehicle and on your way to your destination.

2. How much is the charge for extra passengers?

$1 extra for the trip. Let's say the meter reads $20 at the end of your trip. If you have a total of 3 passengers, the total fare will be $20+ $2 for the 2 extra passengers = $22.

3. The moment I got inside the taxi, the meter read $2.00?

$2.00 is the flag pull. It's the minimum amount the meter will start at. Think of the flag pull as a cover charge at a bar. Flag Pull is the minimum amount a passenger pays for a taxi ride. Please note that any of our taxi rides has a $15 or $20 minimum charge, depending on pickup location, pickup and dropoff times and driver / vehicle availability.


Taxi meters will usually have additional rates programmed. Often they are called Rate 2, Rate 3 & so on. Usually these rates are higher and are used by some competitors for longer distance rides.

We, at Naperville Taxi, do not use any other meter rates. We feel higher meter rates are unnecessary and unfair to the consumer. Keep in mind most of our competitors charge anywhere from $3.50/mile to in excess of $4.50/mile. Our meter rate is an easy, affordable $2.80/mile.

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