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Interested in driving for us? This page is for you.

Looking for a stable, steady income. Need cash fast. We can help. But before moving forward, please read through the requirements below. And please note, although I try to be funny in the paragraphs below, it is critical for you to meet these requirements to get a job with us and to keep it once you join us

Driver Requirements:

  • Illinois Drivers License and clean driving record. OK, I know clean is somewhat vague. By clean I mean NO DUI in the past 5 years, NO suspension/revocation/reckless driving conviction in the last 5 years. These are non-negotiable requirements  for everyone's safety.
  • Now if you paid a visit to the BIG HOUSE in the past, read on. NO Felonies in the previous 7 years. NO Misdemeanors in the previous 2 years..
  • Agree to undergo a national background check and consent to a fingerprint.  If you have an outstanding warrant, do the right thing and don't call us to drivef. Instead, turn yourself in to your local police precinct. Save us and yourself a whole lotta embarrassment.
  • Residence within 5 miles of Naperville is highly preferred. However, we do consider drivers who at least live within Dupage county. If you live further away, simply put a driving business will be hard on you, harder on your vehicle and maybe even harder on the environment.
  • You'll need a recent (less than a month old) motor vehicle report (court purposes one), two passport size photos to get started with licensing. You'll also need to sign a consent form for fingerprinting & to an FBI / National criminal background check.
  • Prior to taking dispatch rides from us,  we require an independent contractor dispatch agreement to be signed.

 Now comes the fun part. Listed below is stuff we expect you to know as an independent professional driver, stuff we think will keep or make you a good taxi / livery driver, stuff that if not followed might ruin your driving enterprise. Harsh words but more than likely true.

Driver Tips from Pro's:

  • 8 x 11 Notebook, pen or pencil, magnifying glass, cell phone with text messaging and a data connection, flash light, O'Hare & Midway Airport stamps or the MPEA APP.
  • 7 county map book ( American MAP Corp only) or GPS or a cell phone with a GPS app like Google Maps or Waze and a data connection. This is an absolute must. I personally prefer a GPS app. I don't know why but I just do. Please make sure you know how to operate a GPS unit. Although we are all technically inclined, time constraints and numerous, often pointless social obligations prevent us from offering operating instructions on GPS units. AFAIK, most of them come with a manual written in English and of course, Google can be your friend anytime.
  • You'll need to dress appropriately due to common business sense. You will be transporting passengers to and from their destinations. No one, generally, is interested in seeing any sort of fungally infected toes, body hair (besides facial and your scalp [in case you have any]). You get my point. And yes, please use a deodorant. I recommend OLD SPICE.
  • SMOKING is prohibited in vehicles used for hire by most local and state regulations. If you do have to smoke, my suggestions is to quit for your own health. If you must, please step outside your vehicle, light and finish your cigarette, destroy your lungs and chew a peppermint gum or something similar and then get back in the car. Its next to impossible to get rid of cigaette and cigar odors out of a vehicle's interior especially without signifcant time and effort.
  • If u must EAT while you are accepting and doing rides, please do so outside your vehicle. We are not pro-anorexia! NO one likes the smell of stale burgers, old burritos and decaying leftover deli sandwiches. In fact, here's some unofficial advice: Eat light or eat before/after the shift. Trust me, in my 10+ years of driving & dispatching, I've had several dispatchers get MAD at me, for valid reasons I must add. Reason # 1: I'm sorry I can't take that ride because I have to go to the washroom for the 17th time today.
  • Drivers must be able to speak and understand English. NO, we are not racist, anti-immigrant, whatever. In fact, we believe most people in America trace their roots to an immigrant. And we have a large number of happy customers who happen to be immigrants. We just feel that in the US, the use of English Language makes communication easier!
  • Always communicate effectively with the dispatcher. And remember, because the dispatcher is also trying to do his job, let him or her do theirs instead of arguing or aggravting the dispatcher.

Interested? Call us at this number for driver jobs 630-355-5959 or email us at jobs at napervilletaxi dot com


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